Season five

Here are a bunch of survey questions taken directly from "Family Feud"'s fifth season (2003-2004), which I've transcribed for people who would like some current surveys for their "Family Feud" home games.

The surveys are categorized by the number of answers that were displayed for each question. On each page, the surveys are then arranged by the total number of points available in each question, in descending order. In the event of a tie, I arranged them in descending value for the number one answer.

Hopefully, these are all mistake-free. I'm not guaranteeing complete accuracy (I had to omit one survey in which the total number of points I had typed down was 103), but I'm sure most of them are right. By the way, all answers are presented exactly as they were displayed on the show, "cute" phrasing and typos and all. Yes, I said typos. I know for a fact they misspelled "Mother Teresa." They might have misspelled some other proper names, too.

So have fun and use these surveys responsibly.

1-answer surveys
4-answer surveys
5-answer surveys
6-answer surveys
7-answer surveys
8-answer survey

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