Family Feud
season seventeen surveys

Looking for some up-to-date surveys for your "Family Feud" home games? These pages include 823 main game questions from 198 episodes of the seventeenth season of the show (taped in 2015). It isn't the entire season, but it's close. Additionally, you will find all 45 main game questions from the 2015 season of "Celebrity Family Feud." If 868 total questions isn't enough, then I can't help you.

All questions are transcribed as they were read during the face-off. All answers are transcribed exactly as they appeared on the game board.

The questions are grouped by the number of displayed answers. They're sorted so that the questions with the greatest number of total points available are at the top. If necessary, questions are then sorted in descending order of the point value of the number one answer and so on down the survey.


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